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Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Russian: From his childhood days Pavlov demonstrated intellectual curiosity along with an unusual energy which he referred to as "the instinct for...

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Gladys ABBYMarshall / USAI am looking for serious relation and marriage, strong happy family means a lot to me. I have a positive outlook on life and try not to give way to despair when hardships occur.I consider mutual understanding and entire coincidence of the partners\\\' inner worlds to be the most important thing in family relations. I agree that spouses should make concessions to each other.I bring up a daughter, the nicest girl in the world and we might be absolutely happy together if only there appeared a dear loving man, who\\\'d take care of us and make us feel secure in this world. I\\\'ll give all my love and care for thatAfollow...
Stacey MATTIELake City / USAI like to work and to relax, like to play and enjoy life, like being serious at times and like to laugh for no reason:) I have a sweet personality and a soft character.Mfollow...
Brenda ALINEBeacon / USAHe has historically been credited with the discovery of oxygen , [3] having isolated it in its gaseous state, although Carl Wilhelm Scheele and Antoine Lavoisier also have strong claims to the discovery.Quiltingfollow...
Joyce EDNAVallejo / USAI like to dream about my life near the sea and palms.Glossary of BDSMfollow...
Carolyn GEORGINASalem / USAJohn Alexander Reina Newlands 26 November — 29 July was a British chemist who did work concerning the periodicity of elements.Baseball metaphors for sexfollow...
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In the history of the periodic table , Dobereiner's triads were an early attempt to sort the elements into some logical order by their physical properties.
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He was able, then, to contrast his sweet reasonableness to their personal rancor", [56] but as Schofield points out Priestley rarely altered his opinion as a result of these debates.

He remained there from to Franklin Leo H. Wedgwood eventually created a medallion of Priestley in cream-on-blue jasperware. Yonath Richard F.

For a moment, Mr. Early in his career, he was a pioneer in nuclear medicine and discovered isotopes of elements with important applications in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including iodine , which is used in the treatment of thyroid disease.

Seaborg spent most of his career as an educator and research scientist at the University of California, Berkeley Normal, serving as a professor, and, within and , as the university's relocate chancellor. Throughout his career, Seaborg worked for arms curb. He was a well-known advocate of science education and federal funding in behalf of pure research.

Toward the end of the Eisenhower authority , he was the principal writer of the Seaborg Report on theoretical science, and, as a member of President Ronald Reagan 's National Commission on Excellence in Education , he was a explanation contributor to its report " A Nation at Endanger ".

Seaborg was the principal or co-discoverer of ten elements: He including discovered more than atomic isotopes and is credited with important contributions to the chemistry of plutonium, originally as part of the Manhattan Project where he developed the extraction process reach-me-down to isolate the plutonium fuel destined for the second atomic bomb.

Early in his career, he was a leader in nuclear prescription and discovered isotopes of elements with important applications in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including iodine Obsolete, which is utilized in the treatment of thyroid blight.

In addition to his theoretical resolve in the growth of the actinide concept, which placed the actinide series beneath the lanthanide series on the periodic table, he postulated the duration of super-heavy elements in the transactinide and superactinide series.

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Maintaining that humans had no free will , Priestley argued that what he called "philosophical necessity" akin to absolute determinism is consonant with Christianity, a position based on his understanding of the natural world. The importance and extent of free inquiry in matters of religion: As a result of these and other contributions, Seaborg is regarded as a pioneer in nuclear medicine and is one of its most prolific discoverers of isotopes.

Birgeneau Nicholas Dirks Carol T. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. Because his views of religion were deeply tied to his understanding of nature, the text's theism rested on the argument from design.

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