Iphone app that takes picture of wrong password - 3 Apps to Snap Photos of Person Who is Entering Wrong Unlock Password or PIN on your Android

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This week on our How to Mondays segment on YouTube , I talked about an app using which you can set dynamic PIN lock on your Android device which changes automatically and thus makes it tough for intruders to get past the security. In case you are wondering, the name of the app is DroidLock and it makes it next to impossible for someone to gain unauthorized access to your phone.

However, today we are going to talk about an additional trick that will make your smartphone a Fort Knox. What if I tell you that you can configure your mobile to take silent selfies every time someone enters a wrong password or PIN? It would be amazing, right?

A way you can send the location of the device along with the photos of the intruder to your email address without alerting the person. If you think about it, these apps can also help you find lost or stolen phones. Third Eye is the most basic app that you can use on your Android for the task.

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App That Takes Pic of Person Unlocking Phone

Does that mean someone put an app on my phone that is taking pictures? Security Organizer relieves you from the hassle of remembering complex and difficult passwords and long usernames.

I put a sticker over my FF cam It will simply take a photo when someone fails to unlock the phone and store it in the Photo Log section. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This can help in tracking the lost phone to a great extent.

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The best part is that when the intruders enters in a wrong password, the intruders photo will be stored.

Beneath you find the best 6 iPhone security applications that will make your iPhone experience lots safer. Find My iPhone Whether you accidently dropped your iPhone, forgot to pick it up from a block, or if someone stole your iPhone, Find My iPhone helps you to find your phone, and quickly takes you to the location with the detailed, well illustrated map. With Catch My iPhone, you can remotely padlock your phone and wipe your irascible data.

It has more than Principle, users worldwide. It can store your usernames, passwords, assign card numbers, group security number and all important and private pieces of information. The abstracts stored in that app is protected by an administrator password and jot encryption.

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An unsecured network may be a booby trap for you. Be sure to install one of these anti-theft apps before your device is stolen. If your iPhone is stolen you will be able to recover it! How it works iGotYa will protect your device from robberies by taking a photo of the face of your thief.

This improves your chances of getting a good image of the thief. Firewall IP The majority of cyber-attacks are caused by poor protection. The app has ads, but no option to go pro for an ad-free version with an in-app payment.

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