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Mark and Paul are amateur lepidopterists moth and butterfly collectors. They were volunteering their time to collect specimens for a project called the International Barcode for Life established...

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New species and new genera of moths and butterflies are discovered every week, but it has been 40 years since a new family of primitive moths and butterflies have been discovered anywhere in the world. The large Hawk Moth larvae have a dorsal spine at their rear end, while Tiger and Anthelid Moths often have woolly-bear larvae.

Day flying moths however, can be brightly coloured and just as beautiful as butterflies. Some moths make a clicking noise when flying, and some can make a whistling sound. Different groups of moths usually have distinctive types of larvae or larval shelters. Some moths are mimics and resemble bees and wasps to escape predation, while some larger tropical moths mimic poisonous swallowtail butterflies.

The discovery This discovery is also exciting because it highlights the importance of citizen science and the interplay between people working in a private capacity and professional researchers.

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Douglas Hilton is a founder and member of the research advisory committee of the Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment.

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A lot less is known about South Australian moths than butterflies, which is largely due...


Csiro australian moths online dating

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Australian Moths Online is now available on the Atlas of Living Australia year of publication, family, sex, locality, date, collector and collection. 28 items CSIRO - Australian Moths Online. Login....