Wicd hangs validating authentication problem - wicd hangs on validating authentication

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October 18th, 4. Gnome and compiz are both installed, though not set up. Unfortunately, these things crash for my card. Wireless network is detected but won't connect to WEP You can only get that long string of the encrypted WEP keyword from the router as far as I'm aware,which means you need to get into the router setup page with your web-browser, often i Theoretically its more robust, and it's certainly been easier for me to manage my laptop's power since installing it.

Did you correctly followed the archwiki about adding an user? I installed Wicd 1.

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Active topics Unanswered topics. You must login or register to post a reply. I'm having some issues connecting to my wireless connection with wicd. The problem is it gets stuck at "Validating Authentication". I have manually created a seperate template file and I've added it to the active list.

The following is my template config: Throughout all of this, wicd is able to bring up my wireless interface upon bootup and establishes a signal but no connection. From my wicd logs it finds and locates my "wlan0" interface, and it continues to try and connect and it gives me this:

Ubuntu Forums Code of Supervise. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Move to page: Results 1 to 10 of Wireless network is detected but won't connect to WEP. October 18th, 1. Join Date Oct Beans I've just moved to a house at Uni though with WEP wireless and although the network is detected in Network manager when I try to connect it just spins round for the benefit of ages and then asks me for my WEP key again.

I'm using the key provided on the bottom of the router o2 wireless which works fine on my windows partition but I've read that that gets converted into a longer string by the router do I need that maybe and if so how would I catch it? Wireless interface concrete id: Ethernet interface diplomate id: Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Update 2 - Night 5: With Ubunutu there's these little undocumented pieces of "magic" they use to get your system running. I'm just using cpufrequtils because I don't particularly see what the point of pm-utils is. Seems nice, but it just hangs on "validating authentication" for my network. Wicd in current won't connect to wireless network.

How, I resolved my problem nigh using a method differnt from that of the numerous other methods I read about which were tried by me, and subsequently failed.

I figured I'd post my solution in hopes that it might help someone else. Raspbian Jessie that was upgraded from Wheezy Wifi Security: After upgrading to Jessie, it would no longer connect. It would try validating for close by 20 seconds and fail. Every once in a while it would give the "Bad Password" error, other times not. Upgrade Wicd Easier said than done, see below. The trouble returned after a couple of days. I then discovered that I had some some blacklist entries for my wireless module that also needed to be removed.

Any attempts to tie to a different AP after it connected at boot would yield the original error. I thought I could deal with this until I realized that I'd have to reboot the pi every 12 hours or so in order to deter it connected.

  • However, wicd stuck at "Validating Authentication". I checked the file...
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  • from the program option. Wireless interface: wlan0 wired interface:eth0 and here is the problem when i click...
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